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Suppliers and Other Useful Stuff

We're lucky here in the UK to have a fast array of online art supply stores to choose from.  The list below is a few of the wonderful ones I favour.

Printmaking, painting, bookbinding and other crafty sellers...


The Art Shop is my local art and craft supplies shop based in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Shopping available both online and instore 

A reliable and resourceful online store.  Based in Bognor Regis with a shop downstairs and a print studio upstairs. They offer a wide variety of supplies for screen printing, Japanese woodblock printing, lino printing intaglio, batik, fabric painting and papers.  Handprinted also offer a wide variety of classes with tutors coming from all over the UK to teach.

Specialist suppliers of equipment and materials to artist printmakers.   Relief printing, screen printing, Japanese woodblock, lithographic, inks, papers and presses.  Based in London.

A wide variety of artist materials.  Oil, water and acrylic paint, garouche, tempera, pastels, printmaking, canvasses/papers, inks, pigments, mediums and artist tools.


You can't get better than Laura Boswell's online tutorials to learn the skills for lino and Japanese woodcutting.

Laura Boswell You Tube Channel

If you would like to learn more about watercolour and acrylic painting, Charles Evans provides wonderful video tutorials.   Charles Evans Art You Tube Channel

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